Country kitchen ideas for your holiday home

Spend your holidays in a house in the countryside, in contact with nature and surrounded by friends. This is the desire of those who love simplicity and country atmosphere. In farmhouses, kitchen is the fulcrum of the house. In it you spend moments together with your family, friends, enjoying zero- kilometer products, and home-made dishes. For this reason today we wanted to show you, in our Monday article, some country kitchen ideas to make your unique and welcoming.

  • Simple and Natural


Natural colors, classic shapes and vintage furnishings. If you want a traditional and genuine atmosphere to be breathed in your kitchen, this is the style for you. Floating shelves and open storage take the place of bulky cabinets. The shelves above the sink and the island are also the perfect place to display your favorite kitchenwares. Wood also plays a fundamental role in the design of a country kitchen, whether bleached or natural.

  • White and Bright


White is the most used color for kitchens. The white kitchen is adaptable to any type of space and can be decorated in many ways, according to your tastes and your needs. If the room is very bright, a white kitchen will enhance the space, making it shine. You can also create contrasts with accessories by choosing darker or wooden shelves and stools.

  • A touch of color


For those who do not want to give up color, the right solution is to insert it with details, appliances, cushions and lamps. If you want to dare a little, you can choose to paint the cabinets too. For country-style kitchens, green, blue and yellow are perfect, because they recall the natural landscapes of country houses.

  • Mixed materials


Those who love contrasts will certainly choose this solution. Mixing different materials and colors is now a trend in interior design.
Classic and modern furnishings create dynamism and make the kitchen unique.

Wood, steel, marble, ceramics meet and create harmonious and welcoming kitchens, and, why not, even a little unusual.

Which solution would you use for your kitchen? Do you love natural tones more, or do you like to dare with color and materials? Write it in the comments!

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Photocredits: Country Living