Country Garden House in Portland, Oregon

Those who follow our blog will have already realized how important it is for us to design interiors in harmony with the context and the landscape that surrounds them. Nature is wonderful and gives us unique landscapes, so why not make it part of our interior spaces?

The Country Garden House is the perfect example of how the surrounding landscape can merge with the built environment and give life to a single harmonious and welcoming space.

Concept and Structure


Located in the hills of Portland, Oregon, an American city known for its parks, bike paths and eco-friendly buildings, this country house is very reminiscent of the appearance of a barn and a greenhouse.

It was designed by architects Jim Olson and Tom Kundig, founders of the Olson Kundig studio and specialized in landscape design, for the owner, a master gardener.

The architects have managed to blend the structure of the house with the external gardens, through the use of the sloping roof, the external wooden cladding and the large grid windows that surround the building.

The outdoor gardens can be admired in every corner of the house. They are visible from every room, thanks to the large glass openings, and thus become part of the interior spaces.

Easily accessible outdoor living spaces and ponds offer plentiful spaces for family gatherings woven into the lush surroundings. A green roof continues the home’s emphasis on integrating into its natural surroundings.

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Country Garden House interiors are warm and welcoming. The protagonist is the wood, with its veins, used both in the furnishings and in the roof with exposed beams, which gives the house a rustic style.

A stone fireplace separates the relaxation area from the living area.
The kitchen has a minimal and rustic style, enriched by wooden wall units and a white marble top. A long corridor separates the bedroom and living room spaces, displaying works of art and the owners’ collections. The shelves in the living room house the collection of ceramics and porcelain from Asia, while in the dining room the American artist Leo Adams has painted a mural.

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We fell in love with this beautiful country house and it’s welcoming gardens. And You?


Location: Portland, Oregon.
Architects: Jim Olson and Tom Kundig
founders of the Olson Kundig studio

Photocredits: Jeremy Bittermann