House Design: A cottage in the dunes

With the arrival of autumn and the first cold, we sometimes miss the summer and the sea. But at the same time we love the atmosphere that creates the autumn season, with its colors, the lit fireplace and a beautiful herbal tea to be enjoyed alone or with friends.

The perfect solution then is the Cottage in Fire Island, just a few meters from the Atlantic. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of a cottage overlooking the ocean.

A refuge in nature


A real refuge from the city. Alex Bates’s home is located a few hours from New York, in a pristine place in the south of Long Island. Wild nature, sand dunes and ocean waves surround this incredible place, perfect for pulling the plug.

Fire Island is in fact a small town of 292 residents, which offers a sense of absolute peace and tranquility, attracting many tourists and visitors who want to relax in contact with nature.



The structure, elevated four feet from the ground, spans just over 100 square meters and dates back to 1911. Today the cottage has remained completely intact and welcomes its guests in bright and welcoming spaces.

A white palette dominates the interiors. In this way, the natural light reflects on the floor, on the walls and on the fireplace, illuminating and heating the spaces. The furnishings mix styles of different ages, reflecting the personality of the house, like an antique dining table and Norman Cherner chairs with elegant and modern lines.

 “I always loved American primitive furniture like that table because the lines have very clean, modern feel, even though the pieces are actually very old,” she says. “The chairs I bought one by one on eBay. Cherner is one of my favorite designers. I just think the form is beyond elegant. “

Alex Bates -design consultant and founder of Flint & Kent


The Kitchen is one of the only rooms in the house to ever be remodeled, after the Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The new kitchen is simple and rustic. Also in this room the light penetrates and reflects thanks to the use of white color.

Another space that does not go unnoticed is the indoor veranda that welcomes guests at the entrance, furnished with benches and cushions, a wicker rocking chair and a wooden table.

  • cottage-indoor-veranda
  • exterior-veranda
  • bedroom
  • cottage-fireplace

The entire interior project contributes to the harmony and the feeling of peace and relaxation that infuses this place, conforming with the surrounding environment and with the beauty of the nature that surrounds it.

What do you thinkabout this house? Would you like to have a place like this in which to take refuge?

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