Not just for your home.

We offer complete and detailed projects for your business activity

From brand identity to complete projects with 3D views, we provide a wide range of services to increase your business

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Brand identity

Corporate & Branding

We start our commercial projects creating your brand identity.

Who are you? How do you want to represent your product or your professional image? What concepts do you want to express? These are fundamental questions for those who have to start a business, they are the most important part for the communication of the company.

For this reason we rely on our professional, Antonio Genovesi, Graphic & Web Designer, who will work with us for everything you need to identify your business, from brand creation to corporate design.

Concept Design

The identity of a company, whatever it is, must also be reflected within the structure that hosts it, so Maison Elle starts every project focusing on the idea, the concept that has to be expressed in all its forms within the spaces.

All commercial spaces must represent an experience for the client who must feel transported to a new world: yours. We will help you to identify it and to study all the aspects that can best express it.

Concept Design
Space Project

Space Project

A detailed design of the spaces allows an activity to take place at its best.

Before the definitive project, Maison Elle studies all the functions, the movements, the paths that are taken within the spaces. What is the first thing your customer will do in your room? How will your visit proceed? What kind of movements is it necessary for him to do?

These questions are answered in architectural planning, in the study of paths and spaces.

Custom Design & Furnitures

Furnitures often needs to be custom-designed in a commercial space.

A counter, a desk, a display for products are all elements that can be designed specifically for your room. In this way they will be unique pieces that the customers will find only within your business.

We therefore offer you the customized design of each piece of furniture, complete with technical details and choice of material, so that you can have it made by your trusted carpentry shop.

Custom Design
3D design

3D Photorealistic Design

Through the 3D representation we will be able to show you the preview of your commercial space.

No need to imagine or wonder how the final result of our project will be, you can indeed see it yourself through the photorealistic 3D images that we will develop for you.

Colors, materials, lights and details will be best represented and will allow you to have a complete picture of our design work.