5 christmas kitchen decorations

At this time of year our homes are filled with colors, lights and Christmas decorations. Entrances with garlands, gardens and illuminated balconies and then, of course, the Christmas tree, which is usually done in the living area of ​​the house, perhaps near the sofa and the fireplace.

But there is a room that should not be forgotten and that for many is the centerpiece of the house: The kitchen

In this article we show you five ideas and tips to decorate your kitchen.

1_Small Fir trees and pine branches

christmas kitchen decor_1

One of the simplest decorative ideas but at the same time with a strong aesthetic impact is to place, perhaps near the window, small Christmas trees or small plants. This type of decoration gives the kitchen a natural touch, even a little rustic. You can also choose to insert these trees in vases with Christmas patterns, or decorate them with colorful bows.

An alternative to the mini Spruce tree are the Pino hooks . You can place tree hooks in a vase, even without decorations. They will give your kitchen a very natural and Nordic atmosphere.

2_ Decorative glass jars

christmas decorative glass jars

If you are a creative person, this is the solution for you. Have fun decorating the glass jars as you like. Sprigs, pine cones, small saplings  are perfect decorations. But if you like the playful atmosphere, and you want to amaze children too, you can use candy canes, candies and decorated Christmas cookies.

You can also insert candles or even small battery-powered lights inside the cans to light up a corner of your kitchen.

3_Dried fruit and spices

christmas dried fruits

At Christmas, what never fails is dried fruit. So why not prepare decorative trays for our kitchen? Walnuts and hazelnuts can be combined with fragrant cinnamon sticks and dried fruit such as apples and  orange slices. In addition to decorating your table, this combination will also serve to perfume the kitchen.

4_Gingerbread house and biscuits

gingerbread decorations

If you like pastry,like us, you can decorate your kitchen with your homemade culinary creations. First of all, or Christmas cookies, to be prepared together with children, with different Christmas shapes. Just insert them in a tray, perhaps with a transparent lid, and you will have the decoration for your kitchen.

Another Christmas decoration par excellence is the gingerbread house, to be composed and decorated as we like. If you can’t prepare the dough and the shapes on your own, there are little houses ready to be built and decorated with icing and colored sugar (like the one you find at Ikea).

5_Christmas mugs and crockery

christmas mugs decorations

A classic: Christmas mugs and decorative tableware. In the kitchen, there is no more suitable decoration. Every year one of the most appreciated gifts is the Christmas cup, especially for those who collect them. So why not use them as a decoration? Whether they are simply hung or used to insert pine twigs, candy canes or ladles and spoons.

If you have a rustic or shabby style kitchen you can instead take advantage of the plate rack and create a little Christmas corner with plates and cups.