Cersaie 2019

As every year, September represents a month full of news and events for the world of Interior Design and Architecture in general. One of all is Cersaie. What is it? Cersaie is the international exhibition of ceramics and surfaces. Thanks to this event the manufacturing companies can come into direct contact with professionals or, more generally, with lovers of the subject.

Materials, forms and new ways of living, therefore. All this and much more is Cersaie. Cersaie 2019 has highlighted a very important and topical subject: the Contract one.

Cersaie 2019_Entryway

“The objective – explained Emilio Mussini, vice-president of Confindustria Ceramica – is to bring together architecture and the world of contract, Italian and international. So that Cersaie can become one of the privileged places of this relationship, developing a high level of planning that can find among the exhibitors the suppliers of those materials and those useful solutions for these architectural projects.”

So what are the new material trends? How, therefore, the way we conceive surfaces and their aesthetic impact has changed in this year? A two-day stop in Bologna allowed us to be able to closely observe the many exciting new features. Among these we wanted to highlight 4 trends, that we found most frequently among the various pavilions.

Let’s start then, discovering new material trends, as Cersaie 2019 teaches us.


Cersaie 2019_Marble

Marble has always been associated with Luxury Interior Design. A refined and elegant material, able, of course, to embellish an environment and make it unique. At Cersaie 2019 great emphasis has had this material and the effect it is able to produce.

Companies such as Porcelanosa Group, Mirage, Villeroy & Bosch or Fondovalle, have recreated individual elements or wow-effect settings, which surely have left visitors literally speechless. The smooth, veined and glossy surface of this material is, of course, a timeless evergreen.

  • Cersaie 2019_Marble_Mirage
  • Cersaie 2019_Marble_Fondovalle
  • Cersaie 2019_Marble_Idea Group

02_Green Elements

Cersaie 2019_Green Elements

How can we miss the natural element, in such a delicate historical and social moment, like the one we are experiencing now? Aesthetically performing surfaces, certainly, but never forgetting respect for our eco-system. So there is no lack of green infiltration at Cersaie 2019.

Surfaces with green grafts. Plants, vegetation, nature that creeps into scenarios characterized by more artificial materials. Capri, Estima, Fondovalle, Porcelanosa, Sant’Agostino open their doors to their visitors with entrances dedicated, therefore, to nature and architecture. To remember that the ability to be sustainable is not just about aesthetics, but also about the production process.


Cersaie 2019_Textures

Textures, patterns and weaves. They are definitely the absolute protagonists of this Cersaie 2019. Whether it’s wallpaper or ceramic tiles, geometric shapes or abstract designs, surfaces have to show this must-have.

Among our favorites, certainly Glamora and London Art, wallpaper manufacturers able to characterize and make a unique environment. Able to literally leave you breathless. Not least the effect of textured ceramics, like those of Sant’Agostino, Novabell or Ascot, able to leave you with doubt: will it be wallpaper or ceramic material?

  • Cersaie 2019_Texture_London Art
  • Cersaie 2019_Texture_Novabell
  • Cersaie 2019_Texture_Ascot


Cersaie 2019_Colorful

Colored and vibrant surfaces. Whether it’s walls, floors, furniture or bathroom fixtures, the key word at Cersaie 2019 is surely: colorful. Full tones, capable of changing the face of an environment and making it therefore playful and dynamic.

Acquabella, Flaminia, Ceramica Globo, Artesi-agha, Arblu and many others have played and varied the theme based on their own inspiration. Among the most adopted solutions, there was the color of the year: the Coral Living 2019, surely. Environments, bathroom, surfaces and individual elements, which have created, as a result, unique scenarios and contexts.

  • Cersaie 2019_Colorful_Ceramica Globo
  • Cersaie 2019_Colorful_Artesi-agha
  • Cersaie 2019_Colorful_Arblu

So here are our hot impressions, regarding the materials and the new trends linked to them. And which of them do you prefer? Have you visited Cersaie 2019? What are your impressions and favorites?

We leave you with one of our projects that enhances surfaces and colors: an idea of Moleskine Store! By for now!

Lucrezia & Ortenca

Maison Elle Interiors