CASA COOK: A boutique hotel in Chania,Crete

Casa Cook was born in the ancient city of Chania, on a stretch of the beautiful Cretan coast. It is a boutique hotel designed for family.

The modernist village, of the Thomas Cook brand, is born on a slope, in the hills and enjoys a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea. Among the hotels of the Casa Cook hotel chain, this is the one designed for children and their families, offering different activities for them.

This magnificent hotel is the perfect place to meet new friends, create beautiful memories and let yourself be fascinated by Cretan history and culture.

But let’s find out more about its features and its design.

” Slow and Natural”


Centred around the Greek concept of parea, or to give hospitality to those who request it, this place develops the concept of life “slow”, made of simplicity and naturalness. Slow and natural are the two key words that best identify this place.

The whole village thinks of the postmodern family. Parents and children can enjoy their moments of tranquility together, relax in expertly designed spaces and let themselves be guided by the energy of the place.



The Berliner Lambs and Lions studio took care of the interior design project of Casa Cook, in collaboration with the Greek architects k-studio and Annabell Kutucu. The modernist project of the hotel is developed on one floor. The sloping land of the hill was used in the architectural project to create a strong visual impact.

The 102 rooms are smooth concrete blocks, enriched with boxes covered in wood. They are small shelters, cleverly designed to look out onto private terraces and enjoy the beautiful landscape of outdoor gardens. In fact, each room has a private courtyard with an infinity pool, which allows you to enjoy moments of total privacy.

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“Throughout the boutique property, a series of soulful spaces and sanctuaries merge minimalist mid-century modernism with sustainable design in one seamless union. The 102 handcrafted rooms feel earthy and organic, like a home away from home, opening up onto your own private terrace”

The rooms are intimate and welcoming. The concrete parts are continually pierced with wooden panels and textures that recall the wild nature of the surrounding landscape and blend with the grit floor. The colors are strongly natural, soft and warm and are reflected in the light of the island.

Casa Cook is a place where you can rediscover yourself, enjoy the little things and family moments.

Would you like to spend your vacation in this beautiful place?


Client: Casa Cook
Location: Chania, Crete
Architect :
Lambs and Lions- k-studio and Annabell Kutucu
Photocredit : Casa Cook