4 breakfast nook ideas

Breakfast is one of our favorite moments.
Whether in solitude or with the family, an excellent breakfast in the morning makes us start the day off right. For this reason, when possible, it is important to dedicate a space of the house just for it.

We’re presenting you 4 breakfast nook ideas  that can be useful even to the most reluctant early risers and help them to face the commitments of the day with positivity and energy.

In today’s article we show you some ideas and inspirations from which to take inspiration to decorate and design your breakfast corner.

Bright and colorful

breakfast-nook- design

Using a window to insert a bench with table and chairs is the best choice to create an area for breakfast or informal lunches and dinners. The natural light of the morning, conveys a great charge and pushes us to face the day with a smile.

Then, add a touch of color that convey positivity like yellow, or that invite conviviality like orange. This solution is also perfect for children and can help them go to school with the right energy.

Black and white


If you love the black-and-white combination and want to recreate a more formal area, this is the right choice for you.
Place a small round table in a corner of the kitchen and decorate it with black frames, and black and white photos to make breakfast time even more elegant and sophisticated.

Rustic and Natural


If your house overlooks a natural landscape, such as that of the countryside, the rustic style will adapt perfectly to the surrounding environment.

Therefore, choose natural elements, neutral colors, chairs and craft tables to make your breakfast corner perfect for fresh and genuine dishes.
And if you want to give an extra touch, place a vase with fresh flowers in the center of the table.

Intimate and space-saving


A small breakfast corner designed for two that is both functional and space-saving. This is the perfect solution for those who like to sit quietly and have coffee alone, perhaps reading the newspaper. In this case, choose a small table, even a folding one, or a shelf to be placed in front of the window.

Just like breakfast, even the space dedicated to it can have a thousand colors, style and configurations.
Choose the one that’s right for you and enjoy the first moments of the day with positivity and desire to do!

To the next appointment!

Lucrezia & Ortenca