We have often talked about color in our articles. Psychology, new trends, the right combinations for our homes and the influences they have on our mood.
But today we want to talk of the color-combo par excellence: black and white. So let’s talk about some great black and white interiors ideas

Elegant, classy and always up-to-date, the interiors with black and white palettes are timeless. However, especially in this case, balance and harmony are fundamental. In fact, black and white are the two opposite colors par excellence. On the one hand purity, brightness, positivity, on the other hand the mystery, the shadow and the negation. But together, white and black manage to create welcoming and classy environments.

This choice of colors is not for everyone. Black is often scary, and we tend to exclude it because it is too strong. But if the areas of the house are bright and the spaces are large, black creates unique effects.
But let’s see some examples of the use of this combination in the different rooms of the house.

Black and White Interiors ideas:


Black and White Interiors

This contrast turns out to be a frequent and winning choice in kitchens.
In fact, you can play with the material of the top, kitchen cabinets, details and accessories to create a truly surprising result.
In this kitchen the protagonist is marble. White for the island and black for the splash guard. The special touch is the corner with the total black bench decorated with white cushions. Definitely a kitchen to copy!


Living Room

In this living area designed by Coco Lavine Design, the lines are highlighted. Order, minimalism and simplicity. Here the designer has chosen black frames in contrast with total white walls and has created a beautiful and cozy corner office with a white desk and black chair. In this project even the floor is a good choice. A white parquet that illuminates the spaces and emphasizes the furnishings.
A perfect balance of lines and color contrasts.



A rustic black and white bathroom designed by Lee Ann Thornton. In this projects white color is predominant while black has been used in the details with a delicate and careful touch.  Thick, black mirror frames and hardware make this bathroom elegant and modern.



In the bedroom, the real protagonists are the fabrics. Both in the choice of the headboard and in the choice of linen. But you can also choose to give importance to the wall behind the bed with a black and white wallpaper or with drawings and frames that capture the attention.
If you are a pattern lovers you can choose to decorate the room with a solid color bedspread and pillows with different patterns, or, on the contrary, a patterned bedspread and black and white pillows. However, remember that the bedroom must always be harmonious and never excessive.

Kids Bedroom

Black and White Kids Bedroom

Children’s rooms are usually super colorful and very bright. But this bedroom, design by Jen Talbot Design, shows that even with the black and white palette you can get a cozy children’s room. The structure of the bed is white, while all the other furnishing accessories play with monochrome prints and patterns.