Best Christmas Window Displays around the World

This time of year, with Christmas just around the corner, one of the most beautiful moments is to walk through the streets of the City in search of perfect gifts. In fact, every year, the most beautiful Cities in the world show us beautiful Christmas decorations with their windows displays full of colors, lights and magical settings.

In this article we have selected for you the windows displays that impressed us the most. We wanted to show you, through a small trip around the world, the most beautiful scenes of Christmas 2019.

PARIS: Galeries Lafayette

paris- Galeries Lafayette-christmas 2019-

The Galeries Lafaayette are one of the most beautiful department stores in the world. This year the theme chosen for the decorations is the “ Christmas Beehive “. The eleven windows are, in fact, full of worker bees engaged in cooking, decoration and various activities while the Queen bee occupies a privileged place in the center of the scenography. Inside the building was also set up a huge Christmas tree, super colorful and decorated with flowers and light effects. At the top we find the queen bee, depicted as a great angel.

LONDON: Harrods

London-Harrods-christmas 2019

Being the most famous department store in London, expectations for Harrods are quite high when it comes to Christmas decorations. This year the theme of the decorations are the Animals that together represent the “Kingdom of Christmas“. Giant bears carrying gifts, zebras and snow leopards for the section dedicated to perfumes, and many others, are protagonist of Harrods’s Christmas windows displays.

LONDON: Selfridges

London- Selfridges

Still in London, another of the sets that caught our attention is that of Selfridges. This year’s theme is “Future Fantasy: A Christmas for Modern Times“, so far from tradition, with the typical colors of Christmas like red and green.

Each shop window (13 in total) represents a modern version of a fairy tale. Cinderella, The princess and the pea and Jack and the magic bean have all been represented with cold colors, silver and and white and neon lights, for a Christmas that looks to the future.

NEW YORK CITY : Bergdorf Goodman

New York City-Bergdorf Goodman,

New York is the city of Christmas par excellence. One of the most beautiful windows in the world is that of Bergdorf Goodman, who again this year amazes us with his colors and his imagination. Parties, games and entertainment are at the center of the scene. One of the windows shows us a colorful slumber party and also a giant pisichedelic giant pinball machine.

NEW YORK CITY : Saks Fifth Avenue

New York City-Saks Fifth Avenue

One of the most beautiful attractions in New York this year is Saks Fifth Avenue. The goal is to make children especially happy with the representation of the castle of the famous Disney movie Frozen 2. Each showcase has six different scenes inspired by the film loved by children. The entire front of the store also comes to life with a play of lights and enchanted atmospheres for a unique light show.

DUBLIN: Brown Thomas

Brown Thomas, Dublin

The Dublin department store instead shows us an elegant version of the golden age of travel. The Christmas theme of this year is “ALL ABOARD“. Eight windows with eight different representations of a real train journey. Chic colors and a strong presence of gold decorations make these windows the most luxurious in the city.

MILAN: La Rinascente

Milano-La Rinascente- Natale 2019

This year Milan amazes everyone by removing the luxurious windows of the best brands in circulation and replacing it with a tribute to Naples and its tradition of the Presepe. Giovanni and Monica Giudice, Di Virgilio 1830 and Marco Ferrigno 1836 are the three shops protagonist of the flagship Piazza Duomo store.

Space then to art, craftsmanship and the fantastic world of the Neapolitan crib, between the sacred and the profane, that brings a glimpse of San Gregorio Armeno to the city of Milan.

Lights, imagination, tradition, dreams and fun and a look to the future. All this is Christmas around the world.

Which of these Christmas showcases is your favorite? Leave us a comment!

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