10 tips for a perfect bedroom design

The bedroom is the most intimate space in the house. It is the room dedicated to relaxation and moments of rest and which should be a real personal temple for us to take refuge at the end of the day, leaving out stress, commitments and concerns.

With this column in two appointments we want to give you 10 Bedroom Design tips. Let’s see the first 5 now!

1_Choose the style

bedroom style

The first step to take when designing a bedroom is undoubtedly to have clear ideas about the style you would like to adopt and about the message and the idea to communicate. The choices are so many: Classic, modern, shabby chic, ethnic, industrial or vintage, the important thing is that it reflects your personality and your tastes and that it also adapts to the style of the rest of the house.

2_Not just the bed

bedroom nightstands

A mistake to avoid is to focus exclusively on choosing the right bed. Surely it is a fundamental piece of furniture and requires the right attention in the choice, but it is not the only one. Nightstands, for example, are just as important and distinctive.

An alternative solution to the classic side nightstands combined is to use small coffee tables and other furnishing elements that perform the function of support and that can also be adapted for the bedroom.

You can also opt for wall-mounted solutions, with suspended shelves and vertical elements to give the room a more original and creative touch.

3_ Wall decorations

bedroom wall decorations

Another important step in the furnishing of the bedroom is the decoration of the walls, first of all that of the headboard of the bed. The trendy solution is undoubtedly wallpaper because it allows you to choose the image and the representation that most inspires and excites you. Whether it is geometric, natural, pop or floral, the important thing is to know how to adapt it well to the furnishings and colors.

Besides the wallpapers you can also create a decorative wall with frames and personal photos. Or, if you love minimal and essential style, you could choose to cover the wall simply with a natural and materic material, such as wood, or a boiserie.

4_ Fabrics

bedroom fabrics

Often the importance of fabrics within the bedroom is underestimated. Pillows, rugs, curtains, and, not least, sheets and bedspreads. The choices can be of two types: neutral colors and natural fabrics, or patterns, geometric or floral decorations and colors.

If you like the elegant and refined atmosphere you can also choose velvet for your textile accessories. Much depends on what you want to enhance inside the room. Our advice is always to not overdo it, because even if the bedroom is lively and colorful, it must be relaxing and reconcile rest.


bedroom lighting

Lighting is what can make the difference in the design of a bedroom. The first step is to identify the points that most need lighting. First among all the sides of the bed, which can be illuminated by apliques or suspension lamps, or even by the more classic abatjour. The area in front of the wardrobe also requires lighting points, such as adjustable spotlights. If the ceiling is high, you can also choose an important chandelier that becomes the fulcrum of the room.

These are the first 5 important points to furnish a functional and cozy bedroom. If you are interested in designing your bedroom, chek out our online design boxes! At the next appointment, with the other 5 tips!

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