10 tips for a perfect bedroom design

The bedroom is the most intimate space in the house. It is the room dedicated to relaxation and moments of rest and which should be a real personal temple for us to take refuge at the end of the day, leaving out stress, commitments and concerns.

Last week we told you about the first five steps to take to design a perfect bedroom, today we continue with the other 5.

6_Choose relaxing colors


In the bedroom the choice of colors is fundamental. Our advice is to choose a natural color palette that promotes relaxation.
Blue is a color widely used to promote relaxation but it is not the only one. In fact, even green and pink are very suitable for bedrooms.

If you don’t like colors and prefer to play it safe, choose warm neutral shades (beige, oat, honey, brown) or cold (gray with a touch of black in the details)

7_Tailor-made niches and solutions


When space is low, it is of fundamental importance to know how to make the most of it.
The custom-designed furniture is the ideal solution, allowing in fact to leave no unused space and to create unique environments. Bridge wardrobes, wall paneling and built-in wardrobes make it possible to have a bedroom designed in every detail and with everything in order.

8_Walk- in closet


The walk-in closet is everyone’s dream. A real room to devote exclusively to the wardrobe.
The walk-in closet, however, is not a dream for the few, in fact a minimum space of 120 cm is enough to be able to design it. Depending on the configuration and layout of your bedroom, the walk-in closet can be designed in the front wall to the bed or even to the rear, leaving the entry passage. Or it may be a passage room between the bedroom and the bathroom.

9_Reading corner


When space allows, try to create a small reading corner in the bedroom.

Place a comfortable armchair and a lamp, preferably near the window, and enrich it all with a rug and a small coffee table. It will become your favorite corner of the house, where you can relax in solitude, perhaps with a good book and herbal tea before going to sleep.

10_Dressing table

bedroom lighting

Women love this piece of furniture. A small corner, in which to make us beautifu,l that contains all the necessary: jewels, make-up, perfumes and creams.
You don’t necessarily need so much space, just the minimum is needed to place a supporting surface with a mirror and a stool, maybe not bulky.

These are the 10 rules to keep in mind when designing the bedroom of our dreams. But don’t forget to add in your personal touch, which will make everything even more beautiful!

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