It is the most renovated room ever. There are many reasons, but two stand out above all. The will, first of all, to personalize this space to make it multifunctional and efficient. Secondly, the will to combine relaxation and wellness with the most efficient and functional solutions.

The common thread that characterizes the bathroom is the aesthetic research in every detail. For this reason we have decided to dedicate a column to this environment, in order to be able to face the different areas, that are part of it, through a series of appointments. This is our last appointment and together we’ll see all the bathroom areas and solutions.

Bathroom solutions

1.Sink area

  • Sink area_the sink
  • Sink area_suspended mobile
  • Sink area_with feet mobile
  • Sink area_beautiful and sculptural

One of the most important bathroom solutions. Basic corner of the bathroom, the sink area must be treated in detail. New solutions for contemporary environments, therefore. There is a wide choice of finishes and materials, as well as solutions.

Starting point for the sink area: from it, in fact, the aesthetics and functionality of each composition will depend. There are surely different solutions for the sink and the furniture that houses it. This depends on the type of installation.

2.The bathtub

  • The bathtub_freestanding
  • The bathtub_bathroom solutions
  • The bathtub_modern full color
  • The bathtub_vintage
  • The bathtub_geometrical lines
  • The bathtub_soft lines
  • The bathtub_wall
  • The bathtub_recessed

The tub represents one of the main important elements of the bathroom. It is already a first choice: the desire to have it at the expense of the shower. For moments of well-being and relaxation in the water: ergonomics and welcome, made in technological or traditional materials, they are the queens of the bathroom. The bathtub represents one of the bathroom solutions, that we prefer.

3.The shower

  • The shower_features
  • The shower_all in one shower
  • The shower_sliding doors shower
  • The shower_hinged doors shower
  • The shower_walk in shower
  • The shower_single wall shower
  • The shower_niche shower
  • The shower_angled shower

The shower has now become the symbol of the hyper-modern and accessorized bathroom. With glass or crystal sheets and thin profiles, chromed or with anthracite or black finishes, the new boxes offer, as a result, flexible solutions. And they also manage to furnish with a minimal elegance.

4.Shower elements

  • Shower elements_shower columns
  • Shower elements_sower trays 2
  • Shower elements_sower trays 1
  • Shower elements_sliding doors
  • Shower elements_hinged doors
  • Shower elements_shower head

Bathroom solutions and details. Shower elements and all those that are considered details, instead represent one of the fundamental parts of a path of choices aimed at making this environment unique.

Columns, taps, shower heads, shower trays: all shower elements that can surely make the difference in our bathroom’s ability to be fully performing.

5.Bathroom fixtures

Great aesthetics, trendy in finishes and performing in functions. One of the bathroom solutions That makes the difference.

Increasingly advanced technology, therefore. Great attention to hygiene. Vase and bidet should be chosen based on the space available and the type of water system.

What do you think? Did you like our blog column, dedicated to bathroom solutions? Tell us in the comments. You can read the previous column articles here. At the next appointment!

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