At Oprah’s home in Montecito, California

At Oprah's home

Welcome to Oprah’s Home!

Today we are at Oprah’s home. Nicknamed the “Queen of All Media”, Oprah is certainly one of the most powerful women in the world. A woman, moreover a black woman, who manages to influence America more than this State wants to admit. America and beyond, given its ability to penetrate souls through its person, its words, its creed. Because this is what ultimately makes us leaders: the ability to suck, in a completely natural way, the respect of others, even when mutual opinions are on different levels.

Oprah Winfrey. Presenter, author, actress and American philanthropist (and the list could go on and on), born in 1954. Alias: great, magnetic and inimitable. A mix of strength and kindness, all-female, which manages to overcome the barriers of standards, imposed by television rules. This innate desire to break the mold and to overcome the imposed rules, translates into a dream house, that of Oprah in Montecito, which is a true hymn to freedom!

At Oprah's home

«It’s my dream having a place like this» -says Oprah- «I need it to restore myself».

The property, purchased by Oprah in 2001, was renamed The Promised Land, with a clear biblical reference. Even the choice to prefer a relatively small city, like Montecito, is good to understand the will of the presenter to create a place all for herself. A place to take time and return to the essence of things. A house in a Neo-Georgian style, of which the owner shares a very few photos. A place that takes-on in the collective imagination the appearance of a great secret palace to keep away from stranger eyes.

So let’s discover together the architectural features and the interiors of Oprah’s home in Montecito, California!

The Architecture: paths between nature and artifice

Oprah's home architecture

A hill overlooking the beautiful town of Montecito. Visuals and scenarios privileged by the position. A house, designed by the architect Cliff May, which re-proposes the Georgian style, able to immerse in another reality. A reality made of contrasts, intersections and direct comparison between nature and architecture.

Oprah’s will finds full capacity to express itself thanks to this property. The combination of the home and the natural context, in which it is inserted, is certainly more than successful. The green, the nature, the sense of freedom that these things transmit, stay together with a series of paths towards the house. A house with a formal appearance, focused on aesthetics, but which hides inside the inner world of those who live it. We find in it the passions and values of Oprah, which become places, spaces in which to rediscover one’s self.

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An internal-external combination that almost follows the life of the owner. The need for direct contact with the natural world, capable of regenerating and giving breath. The will to have a shelter, formally and architecturally impeccable. A place where they are the little things that count and make the difference.

«I can get excited over little things» – Oprah says-

The Interior Design: simple greatness

Oprah's home interiors

The interiors of this magnificent house appear in all their simplicity. An almost contrasting mix. It seems difficult that greatness could appear simple. And yet it is so and the result comes with a surprising naturalness. Almost like the nature of Oprah. Spaces meticulously designed and formally close to perfection, but capable of returning to the simplest and purest values of life.

A space full of rooms and environments. Among them: 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 fireplaces and a winecellar. But the places that are most striking are probably the library and the dining room. Both are strongly revealing of Oprah’s personality,because they are masterfully built to her size. Oprah loves to read and therefore the Library becomes, together with the Tea Room, the place used for this activity. Enveloping places capable of breaking the patterns of everyday stress.

“It’s not easy to do an entire library that says, “Do not touch the books, but I somehow managed.” -Oprah-

The Dining room: a place to be at ease with friends and relatives. A place to share and live without having to go through any formality.

“This [dining room] is a very grand space, but I don’t want to live in a grand space anymore. I want dinners to reflect my heart and spirit. I want people to feel free to ask for seconds!”-Oprah-

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A mix, therefore, heterogeneous and at times almost eclectic, which however manages to be perfect. Different and almost contrasting elements, able to bind together giving life to unique environments. Environments that reflect the simple greatness of this woman!

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Our tour inside Oprah’s home has come to an end. So whose the next famous (strong woman) house we are going to visit?

See you for the next famous interiors tour, Ortenca!

City: Montecito (US); Client: Oprah Winfrey; 
Architects: Cliff May; Photo Credits: Marty Rogers/Sage Auctions