Gisele’s home in L.A.

At Gisele's home

Welcome to Gisele’s home!

She certainly does not need introductions. She is one of those women, whose only name is enough to say. So the surname (which, moreover, is unpronounceable) is not needed. Like a bulky furniture, which is indifferent in a space designed ad hoc, which is the career of Gisele. This is, therefore, an indication of her undisputed international fame.

Gisele Bündchen. Brazilian supermodel and actress, born in 1980. Alias: beautiful, elegant and (yes, dear women) brilliant intelligence. And Gisele’s home, as a result, reflects these characteristics of her.

«I like simplicity and coziness.» -says Gisele- «I want to live in a place that feels like a real home».

The project was commissioned to architect Richard Landry and interior designer Joan Behnke. It wants to be, first of all, a family home. The house that Gisele wants to share with her husband Tom Brady and all their family. Under the banner of beauty, naturalness and family union.

The architecture: an eco-conscious home

Gisele's home_the architecture
«From the beginning we asked everyone involved in the design and construction: ‘How can we make it as sustainable as possible?’» -Bündchen says.

Because of her role as a  global ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program, Gisele is actively involved in the campaign to raise awareness of sustainable development. Her home must  consequently respond to two categorical imperatives: 1-use of recycled materials; 2-use of sustainable energy.

The architect Landry makes these requests his own. He therefore interprets the house as an elegant old-world European architecture. A house with a fairytale charm and immersed in a bubble, away from the hectic reality of Los Angeles. A rare and distant reality, but at the same time able to better face the challenges of the contemporary world.

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There are different types of limestone, all acid-washed for patina and texture, with a traditional mansard roof of Vermont gray slate with zinc gutters and flashing.

«Tom and Gisele aren’t worried about impressing people.» – Landry says- «They’re very sensitive to style and quality, but those considerations never trump comfort and ease».

The interior design: essence of things

Gisele's home_interior design
«Gisele is an earth mother. She’s drawn to certain things because of the energy they give off.»- Behnke says-«The motto of this project was ‘Simplify!’ She and Tom were constantly searching for the essence of things».

The house appears in the interior as a natural continuation of the exterior. So in the same vein, attentive to the sustainability of details, Gisele and Tom  carefully choose and match all the elements. Few, but essential. The result? A sophisticated, but never informal home, certainly. Natural tones, but never trivial, in order to create a reassuring sense of hospitality.

The color scheme therefore, is decidedly neutral, with occasional accents of green and blue. And the furnishings, as a result, are unpretentious pieces made with fine natural materials such as Belgian linen, old leather, silk, and velvet.

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There are no frills and decorations, to get straight to the essence. This home, consequently, fully reflects who lives it. A beautiful and elegant woman. A woman who does not need to be noticed, succeeding naturally in its simplicity!

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Our tour inside Gisele’s home has come to an end. So whose the next famous (strong woman) house we are going to visit?

By for now, Ortenca!

City: Los Angeles (US); Client: Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady; Architects: Richard Landry
Design team: Joan Behnke; Photo Credits: Nino Munoz.