A Gallery-Garden

Argentona Gallery-Garden
A gallery-garden inside an apartment.

This is a typical example of an indoor gallery-graden, a green area, located inside of a house and not in the outside. Certainly a strong choice, that gives a strong personality to this project. Argentona Apartment in Barcelona is thought and designed by the Spanish-German firm YLAB Arquitectos for a Norwegian couple, who use it as a holiday home.

The gallery-garden project takes place from an interesting challenge, that wants to solve two big problems. These are: 1) the lake of daylight; 2) the absence of connection with the outdoors.

The concept : a bright green space

The Gallery-Garden concept
«The new owners wanted to transform it in a bright and open space and create a semi-exterior garden to overcome the lack of an outdoor space» explained YLAB.

The former 90 square-metres apartment was heavily partitioned with up to six rooms and gave off a dark appearance. YLAB Arquitectos proposed a concept that frees up the space through important structural changes.

So, two main features: 1-opening the façade to the inner courtyard; 2-recovering the historical gallery to revamp it as a gallery-garden.

The architecture : spaces shaped by light

Gallery-Garden plan
Great importance has natural light.

All the spaces wants to guarantee the primary need of natural lighting. The living area, therefore, results as an open space, where we can distinguish four main zones. The kitchen, the living area, the studio and the gallery-garden, which supports the first three environments.

All the environments enjoy, as a result, of a good lighting thanks to the sunny internal courtyard. The four zones, furthermore, appear in an open space without walls to divide one from the other. But it’s also possible to distinguish the different areas based on their functions.

Gallery-Garden architecture

The garden design : a minimal space

Gallery-Garden design
A minimal gallery-garden design.

The gallery, featuring double windows both to the exterior and the interior, is also an open use space. Therefore, it can be used in different ways. Two large facing custom built planters, in the same natural sand stone as the floor, contain a lush garden. So it can be taken care of at a distance thanks to the Gardena Smart watering technology, totally concealed inside the planters.

The detail that makes the difference

Gallery-Garden detail
The natural tones and materials.

In the living area there are two main materials, that characterize the atmosphere: wood and lacquer. Both materials combine to perfection with the protected natural Capri sandstone by Levantina. All these elements reflect the natural light and add a warm cream tone.

This, consequently, gives a sense of welcome and comfort to all the living area.

Our inspired advice

Make sure you have green areas in your home.

Whether they are small or large, the green areas are precious for our houses. They hepl our home and us to feel healty and create small green islands, where we can regenerate and relax, without having to move.

So have a green design!

Our inspired advice

City: Barcelona (PL); Client: Norwegian couple; Architects: YLAB Arquitectos
Design team: YLAB Arquitectos; Photo Credits: YLAB arquitectos barcelona
Sitography: http://www.ylab.es/