Where around the world? The Nest  –  Warsaw, Poland!

Warsaw, The Nest

We are in Warsaw, the versatile capital of Poland, that is experimenting a strong development. The Nest,  an aquamarine co-working office, opens its doors in 2018, in the city center. A building thought and designed by the local architecture firm G5 Architekci.

Born with the intention of being as light as possible and located in the middle of a crossroads between two streets, the colmplex hosts an interesting experimentation in the field of co-working.

But most importantly, what is it? The interior design project created by Beza Projekt, a creative studio founded by the designers Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska and Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik. Let’s discover it together!

What the concept? A fluid space!

The Nest concept

“Our main goal was to create fuid spaces that aren’t office like, they are more like a club, where you should feel comfy and cosy.” -Beza Projekt

To cater to the flexible working habits of its occupants, therefore, the studio set out to design a space that sits somewhere between a work space and a leisure space. In a century of transition, like ours, even the working environment must reflect the fluidity of change. In fact, it is surreal to think that design can not and must not find space in the environment in which, by now, we spend most of our day.

How can an untreated context inspire us, otherwise?

What the architecture? Transparent lightness!

The Nest architecture

It was the express wish of the Metropolitan Monument Conservator Office that the envisaged structure on this important, prominent street corner should be as “light” and as much glaze as possible.

Only glass and steel could have guaranteed such an effect. A building that lets itself be crossed and does not weigh down the prospects, but at the same time is able to change them and get noticed with elegance!

And what the interior design? An unique co-working space!

The Nest interior design

If the exterior is transparent and angular, the interiors, for contrast, become enveloping and full of solidity. This is  due to the use of full colors. An unique aquamarine co-working environment, crossed by the dominance of the aquamarine color in all its shades. A comfortable and relaxing color, thought and used in order to put at ease those who live in space.

Great importance has been given to comfort, so, in all the six floors of the building there are sofas, comfortable armchairs and spaces dedicated to moments of pause and relaxation.

Our inspired advice? Use fluid forms to make a space comfy!

Do you want your environment to welcome and put at ease those who will use it? This unmistakable style design teaches us that the shapes, even the most angular ones, can be softened thanks to the use of rounded and delicate lines. Because a well-designed space must always make the user feel comfy!

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Ortenca Osmenaj

City: Warsaw (PL); Client: The Nest
Architects: G5 Architekci; Design team: Beza Projekt; Photo Credits: Mikołaj Lelewski
Sitography: https://www.http://beza-interiors.pl