8 Perfect Light-Colors Combinations

Welcome back to our column dedicated to the world of Color. These 4 appointments are all dedicated to the psychology and use of colors in our interiors. If you missed the first two appointments, dedicated to Primary and Secondary Colors and the most classic Black and White, and you’re curious to learn more about these topics, we leave you the links here (1.https://maisonelleinteriors.com/color-psychology-the-primary-colors/; 2.https://maisonelleinteriors.com/color-psychology-how-to-use-secondary-colors-and-black-white-in-our-interiors/ ).

So, the last two appointments of this column will lead us to discover the most appropriate Color Combinations, to make our environments unique. Today we’ll deal with light-colors, pastel shades and we’ll propose you 8 perfect light-colors combinations for your interiors.

8 Perfect Light-Colors Combinations

But which are the pastel colors? Pastel colors are those colors that stand out for their high brightness and low saturation. This last characteristic is precisely the one that gives softness and a tenuous tone to these colors. They are considered relaxing and able to infuse our rooms with a romantic touch, thanks to their being neutral and without a strong chromatic content. They range from sorbet colors to dusty and opaque tones.

If you love a home or environment characterized by fairytale and enchanted atmospheres, where time seems to have almost stopped, then these colors are definitely for you. And you will surely be curious to find out which combinations work best!

1. Pink + Light Blue

The image that probably comes to mind, thinking of this combination is a cerulean sky at sunset. A mix of tones capable of instilling serenity and relaxation in our soul.

8 Light-Colors Combinations: Pink+Light Blue

Pink is a color obtained from a mix of red and white, dosed to obtain, in this case, a soft and never aggressive tone. The light blue is obtained from the mix between white and blue, and is considered a variant of blue.

The two colors combined together give life to a perfect combination, almost magical both from an aesthetic and meaning point of view. In fact, we usually associate the feminine and masculine sex with these colors, and their union almost seems to bring back the right balance between these two worlds. A heterogeneous mix, but capable of making our interiors refined and never dull. Lightness, hybridization and ability to always stand out. It is certainly one of the combinations we prefer.

2. Blush + Light Green

Flowers in delicate tones in a newly reborn field. This is the image that comes to mind when we struggle with this combination. The strength and at the same time fragility of nature.

8 Light-Colors Combinations: Blush+Light Green

The blush color is probably one of the most popular shade at the moment, considered almost like neutral colors, due to its ability to blend well with most color. The light green, obtained from a skilful dosage of white and green, is another color very much used for the interiors.

The two colors combined together go very well: the blush color manages to be enveloping and glamorous, while the green gives that touch of right intensity, capable to light an environment. A mix that comes almost natural. Hope, calm and ability to always be up to a situation. As a result these are the sensations transmitted by an environment, dressed of these shades.

3. Sand + Navy

A sandy deserted beach on a cold and cloudy winter day. An almost gloomy image and certainly with melancholy tones, but also full of emotion.

8 Light-Colors Combinations: Sand+Navy

The sand color can be associated with beige, a mix of yellow and white, capable of bringing back to our minds scenarios of marine shorelines. Navy is nothing but an intense and battered blue variant, with a deep and reflective note at the same time.

The two colors combined together are certainly able to put together different, sometimes almost contrasting, sensations. Like heaviness and lightness. Like the deep and the superficial. But it is precisely this diversity that is able to distinguish and give a unique interpretation to our interiors. Contrast, comparison and ability to grow constantly, are above all the keys to a stimulating environment full of new ideas.

4. Gray + Yellow

Flowers and cement. Nature on artifice. An image quite obvious, but capable of translating, through the nuances of these colors, the complexity of the contemporary world.

8 Light-Colors Combinations: Gray+Yellow

Gray and its many shades. A mix of black and white, a color that is certainly something in between. Yellow, in its soft shade, dosed and loaded with white.

The two colors give together a feeling of pleasantness, almost satisfaction for this successful partnership. The gray is able to calm and it becomes an element that dampens a vivid and bright shade such as yellow, which although in its pastel tones, still manages to dominate the scene. This mix is able to define environments that are trendy, but at the same time always current. Contemporaneity, heterogeneity and ability to find joy even in everyday challenges. As a result you’ll have an environment able to welcome the different aspects of reality with the right balance.

5. Blue Gray + Orange

An orange infusion and a teapot of a blue gray color. The serenity resulting from a moment of pause, a moment of detachment from the rest of the world.

8 Light-Colors Combinations: Blue Gray+Orange

Orange, in its softer shades, laden with white, able to dampen the most vivid tones. A blue that is a mix of deep tones of the same color and the ability to know how to blend and soften, typical of gray.

Two colors that combined together can certainly give a touch of class to any environment. Two colors certainly not trivial, that know how to create double levels. A level with a refined and distinct aesthetic and a level with a profound intrinsic meaning. The ability to go further and seek well-being through the configuration of an environment. Break, rarefaction and ability to create a time for ourself, are surely the characteristics of environments dressed in these clothes.

6. Stone + Sage

A plunge into the solidity of the natural world. The one made of stones and rocks. The world made of soft and delicate tones, but full of intrinsic strength.

8 Light-Colors Combinations: Stone+Sage

The stone color and the many shades of gray that distinguish it. The sage color, which reminds us of sage leaves. Here too, a mix of gray and green, in a wise dosage aimed at keeping the tones always delicate and never too obvious.

The two colors together create places dedicated to inner well-being and spirituality. A mix capable of giving balance and serenity to our minds, capable of playing a role at a deeper level. Interiority, balance and ability to communicate with ourself, are the keys to understand an environment characterized by these accents.

7. Lavander + Yellow

Lavender fields in bloom on a sunny summer day. A mix of colors capable of instilling joy and peace, in a marriage of vitality.

8 Light-Colors Combinations: Lavander+Yellow

Lavender is a mix of purple and white, capable of giving life to more or less intense nuances and accents. Yellow, in its paler and softer shades, is damped by the right amount of white.

The two colors blend perfectly, as they are tuned to the same frequencies: those characterized by energy and great charge of positivity. This mix is able to distinguish an environment, creating an atmosphere full of stimulating vibrations and able to impact positively on our mood. Optimism, vitality and ability to instill confidence in the success of the events. These are the distinctive notes of environments, designed to accommodate this combination of colors.

8. Beige + Blush Coral

Flowers that vary their color spectrum from a more neutral beige to the intense but never aggressive charge of coral. An association of nuances that know how to stay together without stealing the scene one to the other.

8 Light-Colors Combinations: Beige+Blush Coral

The coral color (color of the year 2019) could not be missed. This time it is declined in its pastel tone. What about beige? Definitely a passepartout, able to feel good with any nuance and never be trivial.

The two colors succeed, together, to warm up any environment and to be almost complementary. A game of joints and partnerships, capable of giving tone to our environments, without ever neglecting the human factor. Warmth, affability and ability to instill a human and gentle touch to our interiors. A key that leads us to the roots of our essence.

These are the 8 perfect light-colors combinations that we preferred. And you? Which do you prefer among these? Are there any other light-colors combinations that you used for your interiors? We are curious about your preferences.
See you on our next blog post!