8 Perfect Bright-Colors Combinations

Last appointment for our Color blog section. We’ve dedicated these set of 4 appointments to the psychology and use of colors in our Interiors. If you missed the first three dates, dedicated to Primary and Secondary colors, the most classic Black and White and perfect Light-Colors Combinations, we leave the links here:

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The last appointment of this column will lead us to discover the most appropriate colors combinations to make our environments unique. Today we will deal with intense colors, vivid shades and we will propose 8 perfect bright-colors combinations for your Interiors.

8 perfect Bright-Colors Combinations

But which are the bright colors? Bright-colors are those colors that are characterized by high brightness and saturation. This last characteristic is precisely the one, that givesto these colors vividness and an intense tone. They revitalize a space and are able to give a lively touch to our environments, thanks to their being rich in chromatic content. They stay in a wide range of colors, between all primary and secondary colors, crossing different shades.

If you love a home or an environment characterized by atmospheres rich in vibrant tones, that can awaken your energy, then these colors are definitely for you. And you will surely be curious to find out which pairings work best!

1. Turquoise + Cream

The image that probably comes to mind, thinking of this combination, is a summer sky crossed by cream-colored clouds. But also pictures of paintings and works of art, that create nature scenes with unlikely colors. A mix of tones, therefore, capable of instilling joy and serenity at the same time.

8 Bright-Colors Combinations: Turquoise+Cream

Turquoise is a mix of different shades of blue and white, dosed to obtain, in this case, a shade that is always alive and present. The cream color is a perfect mix of tones between yellow, white and gray.

The two colors combined together give life to a perfect combination, able to immediately awaken our imagination. A mix that is certainly heterogeneous and never predictable, able to put together a lively tone like turquoise and a softer one such as cream. Fantasy, enchantment and ability to give a fairytale touch to any environment. It is certainly one of the color combinations we prefer.

2. Vividian Green + Purple

A perfect and mysterious northern lights. This is the image that comes to mind when we think of this combination. The magic and the ability of nature to create, as a result, unique combinations, able to excite us deeply.

8 Bright-Colors Combinations: Vividian Green+Purple

Green is a color that can always be current and with this vivid shade it manages not to succumb to the force of Purple. This last color is certainly one of the most intense and vivid and with its nuances it succeeds in enveloping an environment, dominating the scene.

The two colors combined together, despite the great strength of impact they produce, go well together. A mix that can surely give rise to some doubts, at first, but that can certainly amaze and make a room unique, if calibrated in the right way. Astonishment, wonder and ability to excite. As a result, these are the sensations transmitted by an environment, dressed of these shades.

3. Gold + Royal Blue

An asphalt road in full autumn, covered with a mantle of golden leaves. An image that can be a symbol of a season, able to astonish us with its warm tones.

8 Bright-Colors Combinations: Gold+Royal Blue

The Gold color is probably one of the most sparkling of all, a mix of yellow and its nuances. The Royal Blue is nothing more than a variant, a shade of blue, with a lively and intense note, able to remain etched in our eyes.

The two colors, combined together, create a mix full of pathos. Two tones, that seem to be complementary to each other. Both richly saturated, but able to fill each other’s lacks. Complementarity, dialogue and ability to create harmony are the keys to an environment, that is, above all, capable of bringing together different points of view.

4. Pink + Mossy Green

Delicate flowers with different shades of pink, on a green spring meadow. An image that evokes the extraordinary cycle of nature and its ability to be reborn and renewed from time to time.

8 Bright-Colors Combinations: Pink+Mossy Green

Pink, its nuances and the mixture with white to get them. Green, that of moss, rich in nuances and fullness.

The two colors are naturally good together, like a perfect mix taken from the many variations offered by nature. The sweet and romantic nature of pink is measured and calibrated by the fresher and more vibrant tones of green. This mix is able to define cutting-edge environments, trendy and in itself never taken for granted. Romanticism, naturalness and ability to bring different aspects into harmony. As a result, you’ll have an environment able to make a heterogeneous mix of different elements.

5. Coral + Liliac

A bridal bouquet of flowers with bright and colorful tones. The will to transmit through the colors the fullness of a life aimed at capturing only the positive aspects.

8 Bright-Colors Combinations: Coral+Liliac

Coral, an intense color and rich in pigmentation. Lilac, a color that appears difficult to combine, but that manages to emerge and, at the same time, to leave the right space, if combined with an equally strong color.

Two colors, that combined together, can give a strong energizing note to any environment. Two colors certainly not trivial, and both characterized by a strong and dominant character. Together, however, they can stay a symbiotic relationship. Tone, resourcefulness and the ability to dominate the scene in an unchallenged way, are certainly the connotations of environments dressed up by these clothes.

6. Indigo + Teal

A plunge into the colors and shades of agate. A stone rich in connotations and meanings, able to give a sense of completeness and satisfaction.

8 Bright-Colors Combinations: Indigo+Teal

The two colors are shades of blue. On the one hand the fullness and depth of the Indigo, on the other the lighter and cheeky tones of the Teal.

Although born from the same base, the two colors are able to be different one from the other, thanks to their different accents. The mix results well thought for environments with a strong and decisive character, but at the same time able to calm the soul. Strength, balance and the ability to rediscover one’s self, are the keys of an environment characterized by these tones.

7. Muted Blue + Red

Red and blue painted doors and windows. A mix of colors capable of instilling a sense of strength and resilience. A mix of strong colors, able to immediately capture the attention of our senses.

8 Bright-Colors Combinations: Muted Blue+Red

Muted Blue, a bright and vibrant variant of blue. Red, a bright color, capable of defining any element.

The two colors blend perfectly, creating a mix of passion and vitality. Tones able to make an unique and predominant environment. Passion, perseverance and the ability to face events without ever being beaten down. These are, therefore, the distinctive notes of environments designed to accommodate this combination of colors.

8. Coffee Brown + Navy

Coffee blends from different parts of the world, resting on a navy-colored shelf. An association of nuances and aromas, able to define the essence of an environment.

8 Bright-Colors Combinations: Coffee Brown+Navy

The Coffee Brown, with its many shades of brown, remains imprinted in our mind, thanks to the warm and enveloping tones. The Navy color, almost by contrast, brings a cooler and more detached note, rebalancing the tones.

The two colors manage to stay well together, despite the different nature of their components. A game of joints between hot and cold notes, between enveloping and more detached atmospheres. Refinement, contrast and ability to remain strong, despite being involved. A key to understanding, as a result,  the warmth-cold relationship.

These are the 8 perfect bright-colors combinations that we preferred. And you? Which do you prefer among these? Are there any other intense color combinations you used for your interior? We are curious about your preferences.

Until next time for a new blog section to be discovered!