5 Decor Keywords to make stylish your home

What’s in and what’s out in this 2019? What are the most fashionable decorative styles for our interiors? And how can we make our home stylish with small and simple tricks?

Let’s find out together in this new article. We’ll discover together the first 5 decor keywords to make stylish your interiors. Make yourself comfortable and choose the style that best suits your personality. Because home is like a dress, it’s better to have it custom made!


This term indicates the love for nature and, in general, for the green world. When the term is associated with the world of Interior Design, it wants to highlight the desire to create connections between humankind and nature.

How? Bringing inside our home what we are usually used to see in the outside. Gardens, plants, natural materials and lots of light. If you think you are a lover of nature and especially if you have a green thumb, surely this is the style for you.

It takes very little: if you do not have time to take care of challenging plants, choose the succulent ones, easy to keep alive and with a beautiful aesthetic impact. Add green touches, warm wood tones and choose wallpapers or fabrics, that recall a natural setting. And the game is done.



This 2019 is full of femininity. In the world of Interior Design this decorative tendency takes more and more place, thanks to the desire to make our interiors elegant and delicate.

How? Choosing colors and materials in a soft, but at the same time strong mix. Blush, dusty pink and bronze. If you have a weakness for warm colors and feminine tones, this is definitely the style for you.

It takes very little: choose neutral tones for the walls and large surfaces of your home. Add touches of pink, orange and purple to give importance to the furnishing elements. Details will steal the show and will become the absolute protagonists of the environment.



Whether they are real, fake, drawn through abstract geometries or not, flowers have never lost their charm. Interior Design has never been able to exempt from the use of these precious details to make unique our spaces.

How? Being careful to make known the presence of flowers in each environment. Real, fake flowers, fabrics and wallpapers will embellish your home. If you love flowers and want to welcome your guests, paying homage to their beauty, this is certainly the style for you.

It takes very little: choose flowers that you like and mix them in an unique combination. If you do not have time to take care of the real ones, avoid choosing fake flowers, and follow the trend of the year. Play with fabrics and wallpapers, which even if two-dimensional, will give the illusion of a fairytale scenario.



This 2019 sees the great return of wood. Preferably light wood, able to create warm and welcoming environments.

How? Giving us the feeling of being literally embraced by this material. Woods for the architecture of the space, for the walls, for the floors and the contrasting tones of black and white for the details. If you want to experience direct contact with nature, through the use of a material, this is the style for you.

It takes very little: you have to use the warm tones and colors of wood for the coverings. Choose black or white to bring out the details. The result will be amazing in its simplicity.

4.Light Wood


This style is now becoming a must. In the Interior Design world this decorative trend indicates the use of strong lines, geometries and colors. All mixed together, to give life to a revival of the eclecticism.

How? Adopting primary colors and geometrical lines. Yellow, red, blue in geometries ranging from cubes to cylinders. If you love the contrasts and the hazards and you want to experiment new mixes for your interior environments, this is of course the style that suits you.

It takes very little: choose furnishing elements and details characterized by strong lines, capable of attracting attention. Add equally strong colors. And you’ll feel like you’re back in the legendary ’80s.


This are the first 5 decorating keywords for this 2019. What’s your favourite one? And what are the other 5? We’ll discover them the next week.

To be continued…