3 Summer Styles

3 Summer Styles for your Interiors

3 Summer Styles. Summer is almost here and we are about to welcome the most awaited season of the year. Sea, sun, light-heartedness, relaxation. Summer is certainly a condition of the soul, more than just a time of year. The desire to live with greater lightness and to find, as a result, the right balance in a right mix between commitment and leisure.

What are, therefore, the trends for this Summer 2019? What are the right styles? How can we give a new look to our interiors, with small, simple, but effective changes? We have selected for you 3 Summer Styles, which will not only give new life to your spaces, but will also be able to change your mood. So, this is the first appointment of our column dedicated to Summer Interior Decor.

Being able to transform ourselves and to fully experience the changes in our lives means just that. The ability to smile and welcome every news. Summer as a symbol of positivity. A positivity that must invade our environments through colors, shapes, new ways of living space. Because you can always renew and change the skin of your home, without necessarily having to spend too much. So let’s see together which are the 3 Summer Styles best suited to our Interiors.


3 Summer Styles_Marine Style

Summer can only be synonymous with the sea. The sea and its crowded beaches, the sea and its infinite contrasts. The multiple tones and shades become a new symphony for our environments. Almost as if our home wants to take a dip in the blue.

The first of the 3 Summer Styles is often and mistakenly associated with beach houses, but in reality the intent from which it moves is certainly to let us live summer throughout the year. Whether your home is in the city, in the countryside or in the mountains, if you love the sea and your desire is to always have it around the corner, this is the style for you.

  • Marine Style_living room
  • Marine Style_kitchen
  • Marine Style_bedroom
  • Marine Style_bathroom

SEA COLORS. It is certainly essential that the shades of blue are not lacking. The main colors are certainly white and blue, the first to recall the foam, the second to remember the sea depths. You can also  dare by adding a touch of sand, translating this color into wicker furnishings with a vintage style.

SHABBY FURNISHINGS AS AN ALLY. We often associate the word shabby with the country style, thinking it is exclusive to this style. In reality, a shabby decor becomes fundamental to reproduce a marine style. Ample space for the wood, which must be worked and consumed, exactly as the sea would do with a branch. In this case it is the poetic and artistic vein, that comes out and everyone can reproduce the interiors he prefers. Always playing fancy.


3 Summer Styles_Tropical Style

Humid and sultry climate, unfortunately this is also Summer. The mind therefore flies to the immense tropical forests, where vegetation is the master. To refresh our environments and create an oasis of peace in the city, the tropical style is certainly the most suitable. The second of the 3 Summer Styles.

The beautiful season wants our environments full with nature. Green, green everywhere. Whether real or a well-planned illusion it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that our homes open their doors to nature. If you are also looking for brilliant and chromotherapy scenarios, you cannot absolutely ignore this style!

  • Tropical Style_living room
  • Tropical Style_kitchen
  • Tropical Style_bedroom
  • Tropical Style_bathroom

REAL PLANTS. For all those who have a green thumb and want to dare to make their environments unique. Interiors that become, thanks to these precious allies, enchanting summer landscapes.

PAINTINGS. Plants painted in an artistic or real way, able to certainly give a touch of green to your rooms. An original idea, which goes beyond the burden of having to take care of a real plant.

WALLPAPER. Suitable for all those who literally want to immerse themselves in a scenario, without being content with single and unrelated pieces. These extraordinary achievements will surely make your environment a unique place to take refuge.

CURTAINS. It may seem trivial to talk about it, but together with the carpets, the curtains cover our rooms, exactly like clothes. A well-made suit will exalt our silhouette and will certainly be able to change the perception of ourself. Why should coatings not act the same way for the home? Let the plants and the green filter the light that enters your windows and you will see that magic of tones and shades.


3 Summer Styles_Provencal Style

The stretches of lavender fields, the intense aromas and the sun of France. Summers rich in colors and magic, in the name of a fabulous season. How not to want to transport these atmospheres and their spirit into our home?

Shades of violet, embroidery, wood, stone, the scent of lavender. It’s the unique charm of Provence! As a result we have a mix of delicate tones and pastel shades. If you too are lovers of sober and elegant interiors, with romantic tones, this is the style for you. This is the third and final of the 3 Summer Styles.

  • Provencal Style_living room
  • Provencal Style_kitchen
  • Provencal Style_bedroom

VINTAGE PATINA AND IMPERFECTIONS. To recreate perfect and almost enchanted atmospheres, you must certainly start from imperfections. Details with a lived-in and almost eternal air that never goes out of fashion. No element in a Provençal-style house is afraid of age, but rather shows it with pride. Exposed beams, a patina of antique and chapped surfaces: so, you’re done.

WOOD, STONE AND IRON. It is certainly the three materials that absolutely cannot be lacking, but rather must play a leading role in our environments. Neutral but decisive tones, wrapped in the timeless warmth of wood.

THE DETAILS THAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Yes, it is the accessories and decorations that have the decision-making power in a house that prefers this style. They are able to change the tone and perspective of an environment, definitively sanctioning its atmospheres. Flowers and herbs, especially lavender, wicker baskets, trays and vases, souvenirs and antiques found here and there become the must-haves of this style.

These are the 3 Summer Styles, selected by us for your Interiors. Three styles to define our environments and immerse them in the lively summer atmospheres. So which of the three you prefer? Or will you opt for a mix? Let us know in the comments. At the next appointment of our new column dedicated to Summer Interior Decor. Bye from Lucrezia&Ortenca!